A vasectomy is a procedure that's performed to prevent the Sperm from traveling from of a man's testicles to his manhood preventing the probability of a woman being impregnated by him once when having intercourse. It is a form of contraception that's used by guys who had kids but have made the decision with their partners not to add additional children to their family. In most cases, one can get a vasectomy through private practices or from the public hospitals. Some prefer private practices as there are shorter waiting lists compared to the public hospitals. Patients that go for this procedure can go in and come out on the same day. The procedure is done under a local anesthetic, and it normally does not take more than an hour.


A surgeon performs a conventional vasectomy by making two incisions on either side of the scrotum. The surgeon then accesses the tubes that are known as the Vas Deferens which carry the sperms. Each of the Vas Deferens is then cut, and part of the tube is eliminated. The ends are then sealed permanently by tying them. Eventually, the incisions which were made in the scrotum are stitched with dissolvable stitching. Know how much does a vasectomy cost in utah here!


A fairly new method of performing a vasectomy is the no-scalpel vasectomy. This is a new technological advancement that is not available anywhere else, but it is increasingly becoming available. It is more popular among patients than the traditional vasectomy. With this type of process, no incision is made in the scrotum; rather, the surgeon searches for the Vas Deferens with their hand to feel them under the skin and then uses a small tool to clamp them. A small hole is then made in the skin of the scrotum that the surgeon may use in place of the incision since the surgeon had located the vas deferens they can make the hole in the very best location. The surgeon will then cut and seal the tubes just as it is done with the traditional vasectomy. As it is less painful, this process is preferred by more patients. Read vasectomy testimonials here!


Undergoing a vasectomy procedure means that the men can have sexual relations with his partners without the worry of impregnating them. To start with, there may still be sperm left in the tubes between the manhood and testicles. It's thus suggested to use contraception in the first few times that the couple has intercourse following the procedure. After two weeks or so, there will be no more risks of pregnancy. Nonetheless a vasectomy does not prevent the likelihood of passing on sexually transmitted diseases. With the technological improvements in medicine, vasectomies are growing in popularity among men who have decided to no longer have kids.



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